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Ye Jazz Chawata

Henock Temesgen April 17,2011

Ye Jazz Chawata

Henock Temesge

April 17,2011

Ye Feker Getem

Meaza Biru

Teferi Alemu

February 14,2009

Yetaem Leket (Part One)

Sertse Fresebhat

Abraham Tesfaye

January 22,2011
Yetaem Leket (Part Two)

Sertse Fresebhat

Abraham Tesfaye

January 22,2011
Yetaem Leket (Part One)


Abraham Tesfaye

January 08,2011
Yetaem Leket (Part Two)


Abraham Tesfaye

January 08,2011
Leza (Emillia Part One)

Birhanu Degafe
January 31,2011
Leza (Emillia Part Two)

Birhanu Degafe January 31,2011
Leza (Emillia Part Two)

Birhanu Degafe January 31,2011
Ye Dero Zefen

Lema G/Hiwot

Ye Bahl Zefen(Music) Be Bahl Mesaria

Mesret Bezu March 16,2010

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 1)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 2)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 3)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 4)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 5)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 6)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 7)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 8)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 9)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 10)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 11)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 12)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 13)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 14)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 15)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 16)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 17)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 18)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 19)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 20)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 21)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 22)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 23)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 24)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 25)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 26)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 27)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 28)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 29)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 30)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 31)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 32)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 33)

Drama(Alga Be Alga Part 34)

Drama(Ye Ande Wetet Tarik)

Sheger Shelf(Part One)

June 28,2013

Sheger Shelf(Part Two)

June 28,2013

Sheger Cafe(Pan-Africanism Week Five Part One)

Meaza Birru
June 30,2013

Sheger Cafe(Pan-Africanism Week Five Part Two)

Meaza Birru
June 30,2013

Sheger Cafe(Abdu's Table Part One)

Meaza Birru June 30,2013

Tizita Ze Arada

Teferi Alemu June 22,2013

Ye Chawata Engida( Ato Negash Gebremariam Week One Part One)

Meaza Biru June 22,2013

Ye Chawata Engida( Ato Negash Gebremariam Week One Part Two)

Meaza Biru June 22,2013

Ye Chawata Engida(Ato Negash Gebremariam Week One Part Three)

Meaza Biru June 22,2013

Ye Chawata Engida(Ato Negash Gebremariam Week One Part Four)

Meaza Biru June 22,2013
Talkua Ethiopia Maleda (Part One)

Nebiyu Girma June 08,2010
Talkua Ethiopia Maleda (Part Two)

Nebiyu Girma June 08,2010
Talkua Ethiopia Maleda (Part Three)

Nebiyu Girma June 08,2010
Le Baleweleta (Part One)

Wendemu Hailu
Le Baleweleta (Part Two)

Wendemu Hailu
Le Baleweleta (Part Three)

Wendemu Hailu
Yetaem Leket (Part One)

Sertse Fresebhat

Tewodros Tsegaye

June 13,2009

Yetaem Leket (Part Two)

Sertse Fresebhat

Tewodros Tsegaye

June 13,2009

Yetaem Leket (Part Three)

Sertse Fresebhat

Tewodros Tsegaye

June 13,2009

Ye Dero Zefen

Andande Negeroch

Mantegbosh Webshet


Andualem Tesfaye


Ye Hager Getem

Abebe Balcha

Teferi Alemu

Andnade Negeroch

Mantegbosh Webshet

June 18,2009


Shiekh Mohammed                   Al-Amoudi


Teferi Alemu
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Anonymous   |2013-07-08 13:25:52
Hi Sheger
your website is not working please please please please please do
something !!!!!!
Thank you

Addisu  - I need your help!   |2013-06-19 22:32:12
Hi Shegeroch endet nachihu? I missed Ye Chawata Engida with Ato Abebe Melese
Week week one all Parts and I couldn't find it in the gallery. Could you please
tell me how to find it in the gallery or can you upload it for me? I am a big
fan of Ato Abebe Melese and his works. Please help. Let God be with him and I
wish him a fast recovery.
girma   |2013-06-08 18:32:34
my favourite programs in order

yechewata engida
yazebot terek
sheger cafe

sheger shelf
tizita ze-arada
tadias addis
kebet eske ketema
Rahel Ashenafi  - About poems   |2013-05-15 12:18:32
Hi sheger shelf. I am your dedicated listener. I wonder if your program
emphesizes more on classical poems. If there is any way that I can participate
please let me know.
Rahel Ashenafi from Oklohuma.
solomon  - Ye Jazz Chawata it it good for me   |2013-05-07 01:04:34
selam lenate yehune
fikire  - ሽገር ሽልፍ   |2013-04-22 16:42:49
ሽገሮች እንደምን ናችሁ ፡ እኔ በአቴንስ የምኖር
አድማጫችሁ ፡ በጣም የሽገር ሽልፍን አድናቂ ነኝ
፡ እስከዛሬ የተላለፉትን ማግኘት ቢቻል እንዳለ
ብሰማው በጣም ደስ ይለኛል ፡ መስማት ከተቻለ
እንዴት እንደማገኘው ግለፁልኝ፡
ኢትዬጳያ ለዘላለም ትኑር ።
abex  - go to sheger gallery   |2013-05-17 13:41:51
sheger gallery wust bemegbat sheger shelf and download them.
long live to sheger
& wish u a luck to get z whole sheger shelf.
tilahunbiruk  - Qechin Fikir Drama   |2013-04-08 01:12:06
ሸገሮች እንዴት ናችሁ
ቀጭን ፍቅር መተላለፍ ቆመ
ቀጭን ፍቅርን እስከ ክፍል 44 ዳወንሎድ
አድርጌ ተከታተልኩ ክልል ላለን ሰዎች ከዚህ
የተሻለ አማራጭ የለምና ተከታትላችሁ

ኢትዮጵያን እግዚአብሔር ይባርክ!
Web Administrator  - Qechen Fikir   |2013-04-08 01:31:53

The drama has ended.

Thank you,
tesfaye   |2013-03-29 04:36:36
Good job bravo TEFERI
teddy  - hi   |2013-03-17 03:11:10
i was looking for sheger sports ... how do i find it??? pls help
mena   |2013-02-20 19:41:19
keep up the good work,,,long live Ethiopia
amaha  - mr   |2013-02-20 06:35:59
hi sheger fm how are you doing?
i am happy about most of your programs
can u please show me how to get the tireka of fikadu teklemariam
Zerihun   |2013-02-20 05:02:08
i was looking for Qechen fikir part 42
birhanu  - Alega be Alega   |2013-02-16 11:08:58
its very very talented.i really respect you all of you juys.i never boring when
i leasin this dramma
NIgusu   |2013-02-01 06:22:16
It is an amazing gallery it has good user interface please organize it and
If u
can add all data
Tanks for ur information about our country history from
different perspective
dagem  - Qechen Fikir   |2013-01-16 21:46:06
Please load Qechen Fikir full part

Web Administrator  - Qechen Fikir   |2013-01-17 05:52:53

We have uploaded all the transmitted part, Please check our archived
page or in the future try to use the search box to look for what you are looking

Thank you,
Anonymous  - Esheta program   |2013-01-16 21:40:19
please load Esheta satrday program
Dagem  - Qechen Fikir   |2013-01-16 21:37:45
Dear Sheger:

Please load the Qechen Fikir .the all part
Tsegaye Berhane  - Error File   |2013-01-11 12:29:31
The Interview file on Deyakon Daniel Kiberet is showing an Error please try to
fix it because I didn't get a time to listen the interview so please i can only
listen sheger on the internet i am your biggest fan keep it up
Web Administrator  - Erro Fix:Deyakon Daniel Kiberet Week Two   |2013-01-12 02:56:48

We very sorry for the inconvenience, we have fixed the issue.

kenzudin assfa  - new customer   |2012-12-28 23:48:55
hi sheroch endet nachihu?programachihu yimechal,astemarinew bertu.
haimanot debebe  - shout out to sheger   |2012-12-28 04:18:38
i really love you guys specially those programs on sheger shelf. they are
inspiring and full of knowledge.keep up all the hard work n.........long live
sileshi   |2012-12-20 02:27:23
i like your program all of your staff say keep it up !
tibebu  - Kepp up the good job.   |2012-12-04 23:49:04
You guys Rock!!!

I like how you guys think. Keep education our youth.
Aemro  - hi   |2012-11-29 06:31:58
betam ewedachhualehu teru teru neger asemtachhunal,lalochus yalefunen programoch
endat lenagegn enchlalen?
Leyew  - Thank you   |2012-11-14 01:25:44
I love sheger programs continue
Abubeker  - Thank you   |2012-10-18 04:14:43
Hi sheger, I would like to thank you for putting the valuable interview with
Shek Muhammed Al Amudu in your file. And I am following your program from
Rwanda, Kigali online.

Keep it up.

Anonymous   |2012-10-09 14:24:51
pls update sheger shelf...
Anonymous   |2012-10-07 10:18:17
Hi shegeroch betam new yemiwedachu ina ye makebrachu. meaza, teferi, abdu,...
all of u
zelalem  - please help us to listen your programm   |2012-10-03 04:31:47
Please, please do your best to reached the cmc area fans.

We are unable to
listen your program clearly because of very poor band with in our area.

I told
you frankly again please help us to listen your program.

truly yours
May God
Bless you
May God Bless Ethiopia
Long Live to Ethiopia
sara   |2012-09-20 05:58:36
hi shegeroche betam new yemtemechugne
samuel   |2012-09-09 09:43:56
hey sheger few months ago i moved to europe i used to listen tadiyas addis all
saterday. ilike it alot .so pleas cn you upload it pleas pleas pleas
zoya seifu   |2012-08-23 11:38:45
hi shegeroch ene yesheger adimachina afikari negn gin yalisemawachewin yechewata
enigida programoch endet download madireg echilalew???? please eridugn!!!!
yoseph amene  - love u   |2012-07-18 07:04:21
shegeroch endet nachihu ,betam new yemitimechut ,programachihu betam arif new
,because u r not influenced by any politics ,bezihu ketilu ,arif new
mahlet alemu   |2012-07-17 02:22:15
Dir Sheger

firstly i like yechwat engda program. but i can not access the web
to hear the previous programs. can u hlep me

with regard
EthioDallas  - good job   |2012-06-19 10:33:13
Alga Balga, funny, entertaining, shows the way our ppl live... I luv it...pls
add up more drama! Thanks
FD  - does any body know   |2012-06-16 16:50:39
Does anybody know where Andualem is? We missed him so much. Where is he

F.D from South Carolian
Appreciate it.
Yonas  - Alamoudi   |2012-06-01 01:26:18
Amazing guy. guys lets have such a good vision to our country like him. he
really loves his country.God bless Ethiopia & Alamoudi.
abdi  - why   |2012-05-31 02:51:09
why sheger shelf is not working properly icouldn't dwnld it
meron  - re: re: appreciate you   |2012-05-19 04:46:54
Chilot Melese wrote:
sam wrote:
i am listening your radio programs since 1993 when you was 97.1 till now
sheger 102.1 but i never satisfied like ato behailu's
interview yechewata engida. i really appreciate you are
keeping our culture safe .thanks
Anonymous  - RAEGA01   |2012-05-13 05:40:05
thank you
kechin fikir  - ebakachuh   |2012-05-06 02:59:53
ebacachuh kechin fikirin be galleryachuh lay chanulin ketalak akibrot gar.
Anonymous   |2012-05-05 08:17:38
endet nachehu shegeroch what happend to sheger shelf and Andualem Tsegayes
brilliant and exciting presentation?havent been downloded since feburary. has
the programme been taken off or not updated?
please let me know.

hello sheger  - sheger shelf April program   |2012-05-02 02:41:00
Hello wow you sheger is so tasty and sweet FM. how can i get sheger shelf Aprils
program ??????? THANK YOU.
Anonymous  - Yechewate Engeda -Jarso   |2012-04-30 16:44:28
Hi Shegerroche!!
where is the link for Yechewate engeda - Jarso part two ? could
you please put it in one place all parts ?( from part one to three ) please !!!

Thank you in advance for your quick reply.
Abiyo   |2012-04-28 07:56:12
you are healing me with your love, while this world is kiling me with
routin hardship. you make me strong for my self and my country. keep walking and
I will. I like 'YECHEWATA ENGIDA' more and you Meaza , love you. thank you!
emu lala   |2012-04-17 04:54:40
Thank you Andualem!!! for the clearity of the Amharic language.
solomon  - request   |2012-04-17 04:38:20
peace be with u sheger,am very much interested in your radio program,specially
'ere beheg' is my how do I get this program to listen on line e.I
am asking this question for second time.please do something.
emu lala   |2012-04-17 03:42:18
why do this people don't speak proper Amharic? lord have mercy !!!It is not nice
at all.God let this people think!!!
Tesfaye  - Leza - Zema4Christ   |2012-04-13 09:39:34
Heard that 'Zema4Christ' were on Leza radio programme on Sheger FM on April 11.
Could you upload it? Thanks!
nesti  - Ye chewate Engeda   |2012-04-09 16:28:36
Thanks Shegeroche for your quick reply.(for posting yechewata engida part 2 )
only you misplaced week 2 part 3 is not really from week 2; it is from week 1
part 3 . could you please correct it.

thanks a lot .
Web Admin  - Ye chawata Engeda   |2012-04-11 08:25:01

Very sorry for the mistake, we have corrected and placed the right
program. You can listen now.

Thank you,
netsi  - Thanks   |2012-04-12 15:10:58
yea saw it the next day. thanks for your quick reply.
netsi  - Yeshwatea engeda   |2012-04-08 16:44:47
I am hoping to see part 2 of ye chwata engada with Bezuneh Tesfa
Bezune.please post it soon.

Do you have any program about gashe shebath
G/Egezhabere other than in the gallery? if so please post it if u can do
Thank You.
from windy city.
RAHEL DESTA  - SHEGER LEZELALEM YINUR   |2012-04-08 11:45:02
meshesha  - Updates   |2012-03-29 02:15:36
Ere Please update sheger shelf, please please please!
mele  - ethiopia lezelalem tinur   |2012-03-21 04:06:09
teferi yihinin kale sinager betam endemiyamribet yawik yihon?he is my hero!!!!!!
habtamu  - when sheger shelf   |2012-03-20 01:16:32
pls update sheger shelf
abebe   |2012-03-13 08:10:24
Dear sheger,
I am streaming you recently on my android phone addicted for your
program the only time not listening is when I go bed, specially listening my old
colleges and people I use to admire. Good job keep up the hard work! Love all
mikiyas   |2012-03-12 20:14:35
whay dont you guys updat sheger shelfe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
judi   |2012-11-29 16:44:29
hi M
It would be nice if add the magic word (plz) it is unlike gentlmen

working hard for us
bin  - hello   |2012-03-03 07:15:52
u have no idea how much we listen to ur radio looks like the only
best ethiopian station ever.
pls keep things up!
misikirab shiferaw   |2012-03-01 09:14:35
i didn't lesson a radio before sheger came in to the market.i love your
program's, i appreciate your attribute in Ethiopian music and please if it is
possible restart yetaem-leket b\c they were contributing much for our music
and culture.
Tesfu  - Ato   |2012-02-28 00:32:01
Dear sheger,

Can you please add names to the photo gallary. I really want to
know who is who in Sheger. I listen to your station everyday. You guys are the
best. Thank you for making Sheger available for all of us. I am a great
admirerer of Teferi Alemu. I know him from gemena tv drama. What does Eshete
Assefa look like? I liked all his programs since my childhood. He used to
present those historical programs and the sem ena werk poems which I used to use
in Amharic classes. Please add names to the photo.

Thank you
Web Admin  - Confirmation   |2012-03-07 05:31:08
Hello Tesfu,

Your comment noted.

Thank you,
solomon  - asking information   |2012-02-24 23:57:16
how do can I get "ere beheg" archived do I listen.
Web Admin  - Ere Beheg   |2012-03-07 05:32:52
Hello Solomon,

Sorry we don't yet put this program in our website but we'll
take to the consideration in the future and well noted.

Thank you,
melkam gebeyehu  - sheger shelf   |2012-02-23 06:43:31
hi,sheger shelf
I would like listen Gash Sibhat biograpy. please renarret
jo   |2012-02-19 15:00:01
can you guys please post your programs everyday, espesialy sheger shelf. i cant
hear it live, becouse of my job. thank you.
Ayalew   |2012-02-17 05:11:29
please keep on uploading your programs on internet. I like all your programs. I
want to listen to all. All your programs are

Girma  - good   |2012-02-10 03:08:43
wow wonderfull programs on shegerFM keep it up
Girma   |2012-02-10 03:06:49
wow wonderfull programs on shegerFM
keep it up
Tesfiti  - to say thank you !   |2012-02-10 03:03:51
Thank you for Andualem I really like your Programs
mostly sheger shelf . thank you thank you for you make me know very useful
things Lots of things . nice Program. Shegeroch degmo bakachhu zenachhun
astekaklu malete yemchi zenachhun beteley . akrabiwm bzu des aylm .serbisachn
wst mrchachn enante neberachhu neger gn ahun ........... benatachhu astekaklutna
lelelochn chana askumulgn .lelaw seerbistegna ykeyerln eyalu eyaschgerugn new .
abren enbletachew ewedachhualew . tesfiti negn ke adisu sefere
biniyam fikre   |2012-01-31 08:59:24
shegeroch endet nachhu. ebakachhu yagerawi fayda yalachewn programoch
websitachhu lay adrgulen betely betely
tereka yetangut mestr, andlenatun.weynm
yenagegnbeten means felguln adera adera adera....beterf bertu becha edme
Asaminew Aschalew  - yechaweta engeda   |2012-01-30 02:00:50
Mazaa betam yemewedeshena yemakeberesh adenaqish negn

For... Mr. Behailu
this man is a really funny ... Sheger Ye chewata
engida... 5
parts... it's silicious program
alemayehu  - YE chawata Engida...   |2012-01-29 00:30:52
እባካችሁ የጨዋታ እንግዳችሁ የነበረው የበሀይሉ
ገ/መድህን ቃለ ምልልስ ከየት ነው የሚገኘው
አባካችሁ እባካችሁ፡፡
henok tsfaye  - forman   |2012-03-07 04:46:35
እባካችሁ የጨዋታ እንግዳችሁ የነበረው
ገ/መድህን ቃለ ምልልስ ከየት
ነው የሚገኘው
አባካችሁ እባካችሁ፡፡
Web Admin  - የበሀይሉ ገ/መድህን ጨዋታ   |2012-03-08 03:12:13
Hello Henock,

You can get it from our Archived center
page( content&view=category&id=40),
after you get on the page please enter the name Behaylu or Ye chawata engida
Behaylu and will list you all the programs there. In the future, if you would
like to get any other programs you can also use our general search located on
top of every page. After recent programs published on home page next it will be
on Sheger Gallery page and then finally we'll archive it.
Please let us know if
you need further help.

Thank you,
yohannes Ejigu  - Ato   |2012-03-27 05:57:40
I liked Ato behaylus talk and listened it all the way through. It is not because
it was entertaining but also he was of my age. I am one or two years of
age/class ahead of him and I am from ASSELA and know GUMGUMA also.I used to go
to Gumguma when school closes to my uncles farm Belamberas Hailu which he
Thank you a lo.
yohannes Ejigu  - re: forman   |2012-03-27 06:52:43
henok tsfaye wrote:
እባካችሁ የጨዋታ እንግዳችሁ የነበረው
ገ/መድህን ቃለ ምልልስ ከየት
ነው የሚገኘው
አባካችሁ እባካችሁ፡፡
Bingo  - YE chawata Engida...   |2012-01-25 17:42:52
For... Mr. Behailu G/medhin....
this man is a really funny ... Sheger Ye chewata
engida... 5 seasons... and hilarious ....
this song is for him.... ke harar
memunan... bitatam... sheger layi... ejigayehun telfehal...
you really
entertained me man.... hope a lot of people too....

Bahta Gebre Heywet - Gizie
meti   |2012-01-22 13:28:16
hey shegers we really like your most of the programs.especially sheger shelf
and taddiyas addis.We really want to appreciate Miss Meaza.
Anonymous   |2012-01-08 03:20:12
There was a program about Ethiopian scientist who're live outside of Ethiopia.
The program was a story about them-where they lives and what they did also how
they important is- something like that. I think the program was 'ShegereSelf',
but please can anyone tell me what program it was or if it is possible can you
give me the link.
ኢሳያስ በለጠ  - የ መቆያ ፕሮግራም እንዴት ነዉ ዳዉንሎድ ማድረግ የሚቻለዉ?   |2012-01-03 01:24:37
የ መቆያ ፕሮግራም እንዴት ነዉ ዳዉንሎድ ማድረግ
ኢሳያስ በለጠ  - የ መቆያ ፕሮግራም እንዴት ነዉ ዳዉንሎድ ማድረግ የሚቻለዉ?   |2012-01-03 01:23:44
ሰላም ሸገሮች እንደምናችሁ ብዙ ጊዜ በተደጋጋሚ
መቆያ የሚለዉን ፕሮግራም ለማዳመጥና ዳዉንሎድ
ለማድረግ ፈልጌ አቃተኝ ለምን እንደ ሸገር ሼል
አይቀመጥም ? እንዴትስ ነዉ ማድመጥ የሚቻለዉ
hailu  - re   |2012-06-14 17:56:20
Yenem tiyake isu new
Yohannes  - Dear Sheger Shelf's   |2012-01-02 04:15:54
Dear Maaaza,
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to your program and
you for inviting Mr. Bahaylu Gebremedhin, as one of your honor guests and I love
to express my sincere appreciation to him for sharing us his sweet
Yohannes negn
Ke Houston, Texas
abraham  - sheger listen to me now   |2011-12-28 16:53:10
your biggest problem is you do not upload current programs
efficiently, also we can't hear you even if we are a little bit far from
village to village u are no 1 radio station but with poor frequency,
why is that? am tired of thinking about this all problems about u. caues i love u sheger
eyob  - re: Cost of living   |2011-12-28 04:56:45
ande ferese nebere hode yekefawe yehodene benegrew ygonchune sare tefawe!our gov
is very funny, kirya sebsabye disrespectfull for people of Ethiopia,when the
people come to proteste he said shebretegna,there is no free press, the people
can't speak and make group simly he is emprial majesty hileselasse mengstu
daniel tafesse  - yefeker getem   |2011-12-15 11:30:09
i like meaza and teferi alemu yefeker getem,but i do not know why you left it,
so please let us here it and uplod .
Yekefaw  - Cost of living   |2011-12-14 07:09:14
We couldn't afford to live in our country. Out of the total salary, we may
receive not more than 30%. (10% for Abay, 30% for our income tax, 15% VAT, 7-8%
Pension and retirement, and on top of this the inflation is about 40-47%). You
can imagine other expenses such as food and shelter, transport etc. The
merchants are robbed each other. The government adjust the fuel price and the
transportation tariff as the world fuel market fluctuates, but the salary remain
the same. I think the Ethiopian government has undermine and disrespect the
people of Ethiopia. They don't care about the people. The government become
"Kiray sebsabi". They want to sell the same land as may times as
possible by declaring a volatile lease policy. We have no guarantee whether the
government will have a policy that can stay a year or not? No will be sure
about it.
Any way I have no idea to explain the grief of the people of
Ethiopia. Others ar...
Goitom  - Hearing all programs   |2011-12-12 23:12:54
Why do you present your all program (form the beginning up to now) on your
webpage? I want to hear all of your program.
Acham  - sheger shelf   |2011-12-12 02:37:29
I am so interested with sheger shelf andualem tesfaye program, would you please
upload the current ones.
Negussie H.  - Yechewata Leza   |2011-12-09 04:41:33

Hi Meaza,
Please upload your Kiflom Girma's chewata
Kind regards,
teshe  - Ye chewata engida   |2011-12-05 23:21:51
Please upload the recent ye chewata engida program of Mr. Behailu. Thank You
Nebiy Yonas  - Sequence of uploading   |2011-12-05 19:52:35
Hello Sheger

Your website is very entertaining and many diasporas like myself
follow your site daily. From what I see sometimes there is a delay on posting
new episodes. When viewers don’t see new episodes, them (viewers) coming to
the site will decrease. In order to get many listeners please update your site
so will be easier for people like me to refer others to listen to your site.
Overall the whole crew is doing awesome Job! Bertu!!!
Love  - Ato Behailu G/Medhin - Ye Chewata Engida   |2011-12-04 20:55:51
Hi Shegeroch,

It's so stunning to have Ato Behailu on your Ye Chewata Engida
program. But, I couldn't find some of the episodes that i missed on your
website. Please...please upload them all.

Hope you will do that in no time!
abrham.g  - "sheger shelf"   |2011-12-04 06:47:17
hi sheger im so glad with ur programs.but im disappoint not updating ur
gallery specially "sheger shelf" pls keep it up ur always secial.
endalekachew tigabe  - uploding programs   |2011-11-23 02:39:05
please upload sheger cafe programe transmited on date november 17, 2011
yoseph   |2011-11-21 23:35:21
please upload the recent Ye Chawata Engida program.

thank you for
Selam   |2011-11-16 20:02:49
Hi Sheger,
I like Alega Balega Drama, specially Emama Etefwork, Haliu, Tebibu.
Please continue this drama.
Alemayehu Tadesse  - Shegyeeewoch   |2011-11-16 07:08:30
What I can say, Really you guys working with heart, please keep it up I love
your all program.
Sins before you were with FM 97.1 "YEQDAME CHEWATA"
you are still wonderful I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Egziabher yibarkachihu!!!!
From Doha Qatar
desta  - Mr.   |2012-10-09 05:22:18
Hello Shegeroch,this is desta from Suiss(geneva) i always listen u,and happy
with it (specially sheger addis and other programs )but i like sheger shelf
very much.
SIMON AMIN  - accountant   |2011-11-16 05:45:38
FROT  - wow   |2011-11-12 02:55:27
Shame on you kiflom!!!!
Anonymous   |2011-11-12 02:44:40
Hi sheger FM radio station i was listing kiflom's interview i couldn't believe
what he was saying, he is a very layer person when he was here in Winnipeg i
shouldn't be surprised when i knew what kind of personality that he has. sheger
Listener don't believe what he said 99% of his interview it is a lay ... shame
on you KIFLOM!!!!!!!!
MG  - lets's be optimist   |2012-03-30 05:48:33
Hi Everyone,, I've read about this negative minded person & surprised about his
shity comment,, but this is the deal ,, we'r the ppl who lives here& back up his
story ,, & I would like to let everyone know specially sheger listener
,,,Kiflome is a wonderful person who was helping everyone specially his own ppl
when he was here as a cop & as a brother other than that this person( negative
minded) must have a personal prm with Kiflome ,,, & whoever u'r shit talker I
got one thing for u ,,, get a life!!!
mahi  - thanks   |2011-10-27 01:25:02
hi sheger thanks for your programs specially yenegat wege & sheger shelf
love all journalists keep it
Tadele Berhanu  - Ato   |2011-09-15 06:41:45
This radio station, FM102.10, is a realy wonderful media that has not seen in
the history of Ethiopia.I and my friends are a regular listener of your media .
specifically yasebot terek is a unique to me. Please keep it up
solomonlakew  - ONE for HIS mother   |2011-09-03 12:28:39
i listen from 29 part onwards but i feel as i was a person at that time.
i go
back many years to remember what happen there at gafat with the help of sheger
radio.please if it is affordable send me thru my e-mail.
nice work continous!
BgPac  - Arif   |2011-09-02 04:27:51
u guys have a great collection
keep the good job going

i have only one
comment.... about the archive

-> u don't have a well organized archive
( u need to organize according to program and date, you also need to put on your
website old programs too)


Love you
Anonymous   |2011-08-31 06:27:39
yes , sheger is the best yet !
hahu  - information   |2011-08-28 05:48:36
how can i listent to "Andi Lanatu"
ethiopiawy  - wow program   |2011-08-18 14:02:28
andualem is great guy, wow u so amazing, puts a salt to listener to be tested z
program, keep it up...
asetawesegn  - mesegana   |2011-07-30 01:58:10
ፍቅሬን በምን ቃል ልግለፅ በጣም ነው የምወዳቸሁ
እውነትን መስማት ምንኛ ደስ ይላል መሰላችሁ
aa  - plsss update ur archives   |2011-07-04 07:04:02
shegeroch ..congrats and proudly telling ur broadcast is one of the best ever in
addis n ofcourse in Ethiopia.But few months back,u almost forgot to update ur
archives specially ..shegershelf that I am deeply flirting plsss
tsegaye getachew  - pls update "sheger shelf programs"   |2011-12-04 06:28:59
im so glad with sheger 102.1fm programs but im disappoint not updating
sheger gallery specially [/color]sheger shelf.
[color=green]sheger always special
TAYE KENENISSA   |2011-06-29 07:00:12
"ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር" PART YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW



abraham  - mr   |2011-09-03 08:22:12
Do really know what all this things really are? i don`t think so...
Anonymous   |2011-06-20 02:36:36
really appreciate u
lee   |2011-06-10 05:56:03
never seen like u shegeroch i love the way u approach.u r planting ETHIOPIANness
deep inside our heart.

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር
Rahel Tafesse  - Mrs.   |2011-06-06 06:08:56
I feel so fortunate to put my comments in here . I love most of the programs
on Sheger FM, my favorite once are, Yetaem Liket, I cannot tell you how I enjoy
listening to that program , I am not a frequent radio listener as life
never been always friendly and leave u alone with ur radio . The other one is
Chewata, God Bless you Meaza! , let alone u bring one of those legends
live for our amazement, your voice by itself is simply comforting, the last but
not the list is Dagu Addis, the hosts are so sweet and fresh, the flow of their
presentation holds u and u find urself keep listening to them, I love listening
to them too. I used to love the short poem u usually put at the beginning of
Yetaem Liket, which is not there anymore though . My husband always says
to me that come and listen to ur radio, and through time I have beginning to
call it my radio too Oh one more program...hehe Ye azebot t...
abderehim  - Hi.   |2011-05-20 03:09:32
Hi..!!Sheger Fm Ilike all programmes and I thancks to all stuffs.
Ami  - where is alga be alga part 34   |2011-06-07 01:56:32
Hi sheger FM I coudn't find alga be alga part 34 on sheger gallery page could
you locat me where i found? please
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activities can be found in
Samuale Alem  - Thankyou !   |2011-05-14 00:44:00
Hi shegeroche i ve known sheger for almost 5 month now before 2 weeks ago i
was in ethiopia coming from overseas when i was in ethiopia i was
happy then i went back to overseas i was down but i started listening
to sheger i always feel refreshed and feels like i am already there!
so thankyou for making me feel this way
M. A  - Alga Be Alga Part 34   |2011-05-13 01:52:15
Hello Sheger,

I was listening the Drama Alga B Alga from the gallery,
However, I could not find the last episoid(part 34). why it is not posted?
yared  - tanx   |2011-05-11 14:02:36
Hi sheger i like all of you working on the station
i love your special
program like sheger cafe wow i love Maza Beru(mazi) she is my favorite
interviewer and also i want to know about her including her picture and Solomon
Gangul your ex journalist Andualm Tesfay they are few of from your radio i love
your radio,i love your way presenting i love your news every thing bay
andualem  - good work   |2011-05-11 05:50:45
HELLO Sheger

This is the first time to visit YEGNA Sheger, It it nice I like it
very much. we can easily get any information here wherever we're, I really like
it very much the program you prepare method, news approach, advertisement
techniques, especially you design to deliver the radio program information on
WEB SITE. I want to THANK YOU ALL you work on their please keep it

"Keayen yawtachihu bertu"
Gebru  - Instructor,Mekelle University   |2011-05-11 02:59:25
Hi sheger
u have good music and dramas continue this way
Dagnew Mache  - Deser Alowans   |2011-05-10 07:02:29
Would you please google and send me why Arbaminch university instructors are not
benefitting the desert alownace which is enrolling in different universities
like semera, wellega etc?
telalan ataly  - zim   |2011-05-10 01:37:31
ahunm zim
sintayehu   |2011-05-09 12:01:00
i love all of you in our station
bob  - hi all sheger fm   |2011-04-19 10:32:35
am always thinking about sheger fm 102.1 open-air for everybody to
listen all over Ethiopia like Ethiopian radio, who cannot get access
the Ethernet.pleas fined the way and thunk you.
from hawaassa
Web Administrator  - Transmission   |2011-04-20 01:27:07

We are almost there to reach out all city's in Ethiopia, hung in and you
will hear us very very soon.

Thank you,
Alemu shiferaw  - i miss u   |2011-04-20 05:19:04
i miss u mainly due to the change of my work place from where ur radio work
effectivily to Adama twon where ur radio is not work.
So please try to make it
possible by Arab channel like FM 97.1
I need ur response urgently!
lemma  - over all   |2011-04-18 12:19:06
thank for showing a new way for this generation especially Meaza Biru
tank you
henok wondemu/ addis abeba uni  - love u   |2011-04-18 08:00:39
andey betam new yemetemecge yesheger shlef betm admatche nege benate bagega dese sheger fm seratgeoache be molwo love u.
betelhem netsanet  - i like it   |2011-04-18 05:26:24
not bad ]
bet  - Good Job!!   |2011-04-14 20:44:22
sheger shelf...OMG, where do i even begin to praise ur work, Andualem ur a true
true journalist!!! u breath life to the words and they indeed penetrate into
human brain and soul!! Personally, i cant get enough of to things u have to
bring to the table, ur always consistent and know how to capture ur running outta word here, since ur a word artist please help me
with ur imagination and fill the gap that am trying to explain!! All and all, ur
doing an amazing work and just keep it flowing...Long live!!
yonas girma   |2011-04-13 06:05:15
Hi shegerfm thank u and happy 2 hear seyifu's chaweta. i was really missed it.
yared  - proud of u   |2011-04-08 02:36:10
I'm not listening ur program at this time cause im far away from addis i miss
all the program because they are so beautiful i'll come back hear u again
Moss  - student   |2011-04-05 08:12:16
thanks for all thjose nice radio program i love Sheger fm addis 102.1 i love to
lisen all the time while am work and walking thanks for the link u post for i
phone Fstrem as far as ur web radio is not working and i was try to call to the
studio & get help ur phone # in not in ur web site plz can u send me the
right phone # which is technical help thanks
guest   |2011-04-02 12:59:36
where is the last part of "alga be alga"?
thanks for all you do keep up
the good work
meron mulatu   |2011-04-01 12:01:08
from all your programs,i love sheger shelf.Andualem this is a great job.keep it
md   |2011-03-21 19:38:18
keep it up!
Yosef   |2011-03-17 06:25:55
Simple question ... Do I have to be a member to download some programs? Or is
there no such thing?
Web Administrator  - Download   |2011-03-18 04:52:07
Hello Yosef,

We have currently make available two musics to be downloaded
freely but we are working on providing more programs to be downloaded for
members so please be patient a while and will make available. But make sure you
become in the members list to get all full resources.

Thank you,
hiwot abtew  - አድማጫችሁ   |2011-03-16 15:37:43
ዝግጅታችሁ በጣም ሁለገብ ስለሆነ የሁልጊዜ
አድማጫችሁ ነኝ!!!
wondi  - Dr   |2011-03-06 16:44:29
Well, What can I say ? hearing mesmerizing and fascinating programs through
Sheger is brilliant and fulfilling. Frankly speaking, being away so far, miles
away from home and yet being so close because of your radio is something I can
only say well done!!!!!!I am hooked and don't know how to congratulate you.
Keep it up
dave  - hawassa university   |2011-03-15 06:50:43
hey..selam le enanet yehun...and also Ethiopia lezelalem
birhanu hailu  - pls   |2011-02-23 08:00:57
how long it takes to update your website.pls update it as soon as possible,still
it is on february 13,
which is ten days back.

Web Administrator  - Updating Site   |2011-02-25 03:20:23

We really sorry for the inconvenience or misunderstanding, we have
selected programs to be updated daily like news another programs on weekly basis
so please check the home page programs which we normally put the latest on home
page and goes to sheger gallery and finally putted under Archived gallery. since
we have a major internet bandwidth poorness please keep tuned with us we're now
working on upgrading the bandwidth.
Thank you,
Belayneh Fekadu  - des yelal   |2011-02-15 09:07:23
Ametbehal mehonun yawekut be bene(sheger) radio new.Beza kenfen selam
belulegn,ewedeshalewem belulegn.from USA.
Belayneh fekadu  - here benatachu   |2011-02-17 09:44:49
Tadias addisen lemendenew gallery weste yematketut.
tade  - ye gigi chewata yidegem   |2011-02-10 05:35:16
hi shegeroch betam teketatayachu negn beteley yechewata engida yimechegnal.meaza
berchi betam arif program new eyeserash yaleshiw.kechalsh ye gigi chewatan
degemiw.kalhonee be web site tolo askemtut.chiawo bertu.
simon woldegebrial  - still i am with sheger   |2011-02-13 05:16:27
happy valentayn day to every ethiopian pepol
bEth   |2011-02-06 09:22:37
please re-upload Ye Talakua Ethiopia Maleda. It is not Working.
Web Administrator  - Talkua Ethiopia   |2011-02-07 23:22:01

Sorry for the inconvenience, we have fixed the issue now you can listen
without any problem.

Thank you,
Kuri  - re- Askale amenshewa's interview   |2011-02-05 15:58:39
could you please tell me how do i find Weyzero askale amenshewa's
Thak you
Temesgen tesfay  - i have no words about Andualem   |2011-02-04 06:28:39
Andualem Tesfaye my admiration and my blessing is not countable. he born for
art his voice is not comparable to anybody, i dont know what words can i use
simply he is great
GETACHER  - STUDENT   |2011-02-04 05:36:11

anteneh tesfaye   |2011-02-01 16:03:39
good jod SHEGER
Tadesse   |2011-01-31 06:56:26
Sheger ye Ethiopia Lij "Ethiopia le Zelalem Tinur" sile Ethiopia iye
negeren le zelalem indinor imegnalehu, Gifubet
stiyana  - kojo,,,,,ethiopia   |2011-01-31 05:34:35
Meron  - Music And Religion   |2011-02-02 00:36:47
Hi Shegers can you please check the file that you upload for Yetam Liket (part
one and two)?i think the file is corrupted.
Web Administrator  - Yetaem liket(Music And Religion)   |2011-02-05 00:01:49
Hello Meron,

sorry for the inconvenience we have now corrected, you can heart

Thank you,
Abinet   |2011-01-16 19:43:43
Shegeroch ! I am so happy you are on line. I used to listen to you in Ethiopia
when I was there on holiday. You make us proud !
I have one problem the
Program YeChewata Engida with W/O Eden will not play all 4 Parts.( January 1)
Can you check it please. and Sheger Cafe Jan 2 all three parts.They only show
the pause button !
Site Administrator  - Listening Problem   |2011-01-17 02:27:15
Hello Abinet,

We have checked the issue you are having in Listening "Ye
Chawata Enigida w/o Eden" and seems playing, try to reload and and play it
again it might be a connection issue. On the case of "Sheger Cafe January
02" we have noticed the issue and fixed please check it now,Sorry for the
inconvenience we'll try our best not to happen this again.
Thank you!
Addisu Nigatu   |2011-01-11 00:57:56
hi sheger, you are 100% choice for us
mike endale  - wonderful   |2011-01-07 13:13:58

what a wonderful station made me miss Addis a lot keep it up
guys.I am listening your program from Canada Calgary
Edilu  - I am like in your program   |2010-12-12 08:45:44
I would like to appreciate your program, you did it best please don't going
back. And I wanna to download some of your programs like Drama and Traka. Please
tell me how can I get it. After all you are in very good way. and do more to be
better from others.
lina  - Alga Be Alga   |2010-12-08 10:09:25
Dear Shegar FM Teams,

I myself and my boyfriend have been attentively listing
to 'Alga Be Alga' program for the past few weeks.We have enjoyed the drama very

We have fallen in love with all the characters in the drama. Every 31
parts of the drama were very unique, entertaining, funny, and left us eager for
the next part. Indeed, Meaza Worku is an inspirational artistic
writer/individual and I do thank her for sharing her talents with us.

However,one concern is that parts after 31st are not posted.I have been
frequently checking for the past 2 weeks.Pls, let us know when the next parts
will be posted or where we can find the continiuing parts.

Thank You.
Web Administrator  - Alga Be Alga   |2010-12-09 07:20:01

Alga be Alga drama series has ended at the part 34 and been updated
before three weeks. You can find it on Home page the last few parts form

Thank you,
ሄኖክ  - ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለዓለም ትኑር , አሜን !!!   |2010-11-30 00:50:14
ሰላም ለናንተ ይሁን ሸገሮች
በጣም ነው
ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለዓለም ትኑር የሚለው
ልቤን ይነካዋል , ነገር ግን ለዘላለም የሚለውን
ለዘለዓለም በማለት ብታስተካክሉት ደስ ይለኛል ,
ማለትም ዓ በኖር አለበት ,, በተረፈ በርቱ በዚሁ
ቀጥሉበት እናንተን አያሳጣን ,
ለዘለዓለም ትኑር , አሜን !!!
Daniel   |2010-11-25 13:33:14
Dear Maza...

please could you re-post "Ychawata Engda. has been
posted;when I click saying that error. thanks dear.
Web Administrator  - Ye Chawata Engida   |2010-11-28 14:06:06
Hello Daniel,

At Which date "ye chawata engida" says error when you try
to open it, please let us know and we'll address the issue.

Thank you,
SEWALEM SISAY   |2010-11-25 03:32:47
hi every body i for get sth i want to say i love u bay
SEWALEM SISAY  - U HAVE ETHIOPIAN COLOR   |2010-11-25 03:30:41
home(now i'm in adama university) specily at 2 am i want to lect u rather than
to go to class. finaly in adama there no way to connect with u therfor with out
to say i miss u alot sheger.
maregu debebe  - good news   |2010-11-24 06:26:29
i am listening agood
ephrem ke mekelle  - please update your program   |2010-11-23 01:22:38
please please update your program. sheger is our hope to change our country b/c
you will teach and change the attittude of the people and the aweared people can
bring change in all aspects.
Ephrem ke mekele  - Don't forgate attaching your weekly programs   |2010-11-16 23:42:07
I love you shegeroch, and we are learning many things from your programs and we
are enjoying more. However, sometimes you do not attach weekly programs
constantly or you don't update the programs weel. so, please think over

betam ewdachhalhu,
Ephrem ke mekele  - re: Don't forget attaching programs   |2010-11-16 23:12:59
Hello shegeroch,

shegeroch betam new yemiwedachihu gin programochin mechan or
attach madreg attirsu.

yenantewu adnaki kemekele,
lili   |2010-11-13 12:21:03
wher is next alga be alga derama pls post it.
መርከብ  - አቶ   |2010-11-13 06:01:41
ሁሉም አስተያየት ሰጪ ፈረንጅ ፈረንጅ ብቻ ነው
ማለት ነው?
Tesfaye Beyene Shiferaw  - Mr   |2010-11-12 06:03:53
Selam shegeroch, I like your radio.
I paticular I would lke to thank Meaza ,
Andualem, Meseret(I love her cultural and old ethiopian music show), Nebiyu,
Teferi, Abebe,Wendimu and all the rest.
God bless ethiopia and you
Mesfin   |2010-11-11 14:55:45
Ebakachu ye sheger gallery azegajoche alga balga derama betaketatay 3 sament
altalekakem pls betachale fetnet lekakulen betam amesegenalew melkam yesera
Taye Tsega  - Mr   |2010-11-09 15:15:39
Greetings to you all, you are doing a great job for us and I would like to tank
you all.
I would like to thank Meaza, Teferi, Meseret(I love her cultural misic
shows), Abebe, Wendimu, Mentegibosh individually for the great job they are
I listened to Ato Teshome Gebremariams interview recently and I was
desappointed what he said regarding Prime Minster Aklilu, he seemed to justsfy
the murder of the 60 high ranking officials by the derg. Most of those officials
have done great contribution for the survival of our country. Many of them were
great patriots.Ato Teshome did Acknoledge that.
I know Ato Gebremariam wants to
boost his buisness by pleasing the current ethnic based politicians but money
gained by blaming a dead person is against any moral value on earth ,and worse
when the dead person is savagely murdered.
I am also disappointed with Meaza as
she was pushing him to blame the murdered officials for the
enat   |2010-11-08 00:04:20
i personally aprettiate everything u did but can u guys pls, post the next
part of alga ba alga drama,luv u
girma   |2010-11-06 01:38:59
u r the best. the only radio station which anyone can listen to 24/7. u got no
competition what so ever. ABO YEMECHACHEHU.
liya  - Thanks   |2010-11-05 20:20:41
Hey Shegers how u doing? i really feel i'm home when listening your programs,u
reach us thanks so much.
i have a question about alga be alga dram i couldn't
find parts next to 31st what's going on? please keep attaching it.
yodit   |2010-11-02 16:37:12
love it.
danie  - hi yodit im ur new frinde   |2010-11-03 06:56:32
hi yodit im ur new frinde dani
gedeon  - betam desyelal   |2010-10-25 16:27:42
yealgabalga qetay kfel mech yeleqeqal betam guaguchalew!!!!!
Sheger Administrator  - Alaga be Alga   |2010-11-06 03:23:03
It'll be uploaded soon.please keep tuned!
yenebebe   |2010-09-26 01:52:37
Sheger Administrator  - Sheger   |2010-11-06 03:22:07
We're sorry for not being consistent on transmitting the live broadcast
smoothly, its main problem is unstable internet connection and we are working on
it to upgrade our connection to have stable broadcast, please keep tuned it's
you station.
senayit stillwell   |2010-09-24 21:54:40
good luck i realy like ur show.
danie  - hi   |2010-11-03 07:01:56
senayt uare fine
QUEEN E.  - VIVA SHEGER...   |2010-09-23 14:41:49
sisay   |2010-09-21 03:21:26
hi sheger
Ashu  - Drama (Alga-ba-Alga)   |2010-09-20 13:40:11
Hello Sheger FM,

I am a regular audiance of your great radio program. I love
the interview program, Tadiyas Addis and the drama program soooooo much! Would
you please post episodes of the drama following the live transmittal? The
gallery is stuck at part 27 while part 31 is already aired. Your immediate
uploads would be highly appreciated.

If it is feasible, I would also suggest
to creat gallery for "Tadiyas Addis". It is a great entertaining program
and needs to be added to gallery.

best regards,
samuel  - Most wonderful Ethiopian media   |2010-09-16 10:47:41
Dear sheger stuffs, how are u? I like you radio program to much. it is
interesting especally Meaza birru's style etc
in general
Exellent media.
Long life to sheger media
yemesikeli setota  - I love our Radio(sheger)   |2010-09-14 23:46:58
I have a great respect for of all the journalist working at sheger radio.

yemesikeli setota
Houston Tx
gg  - ምስጋና   |2010-09-14 23:27:51
በጣም ደስ ይላል
Desalegn Derso ...Ke Tsahi Cho  - Hi   |2010-09-08 05:15:22
Hi,,Shegerwoch ..Selame Belenal Ke sefer Tesbeseben Eysemanachu Knew Hulum
Selame Yalew Knew Birdun Benante Eytwaganew Knew Yemechachu..Continue
Embiale  - Comment   |2010-08-31 06:21:20
Hi shegeroch Endate nachehu
programachu yamerale
bezehu ketelu
Marshall  - alga Balga   |2010-08-28 22:13:08
Hi Sheger I was following Alga Balga Dama from the internet for about two
weeks.By the way I tried to listen at least three or four parts of the sory
every day.I just listened the 24th part a moment ago.I would like to ask you
wheather the dram is still on Radio or finished by now.I found it to be
interesting.Thanks in advance. I will be waiting your answer.
daniel  - comment   |2010-08-26 05:58:56
Pls derama Alga balga part 26,27.....
Embiale   |2010-08-31 06:25:21
Hi shegere?
girma  - Ethiopia lezelalem tinur   |2010-08-21 13:39:11
Hi sheger, what is gnanna on? I like all your programs - yechewata engda, tadias
addis, tizita zearada and all the rest. keep it up the good job. But recentlly I
have hard time to listen your programs live, so please try to post as many
programs as possible atleast weekly. thank you, I love sheger.
lezelalem tinur.
sirate teferi  - you are amayzing   |2010-08-26 05:06:56
Dear shegers i do not know in what word i can express my adore to you,it is very
incideble work that you are working.Bing with u mean to have erey thing in the
world. so pleas keep going, i wish you all the best in the world.
frehiwet mustefa   |2010-08-20 07:31:29
selam selam sheger beretu
frehiwet mustefa  - re: re: I miss You Sheger   |2010-08-20 07:29:54
hi hi aheger selam neceheu ferom geremny
AKALU   |2010-08-15 13:08:26
lewegen  - nice   |2010-08-13 02:09:28
i really best station..........
Anonymous  - re: I miss You Sheger   |2010-08-09 08:23:52
Yohannes wrote:
I'm glad that after long time I'm again resume to listen one of the best
leading FM Sheger.....
When I was Ager bet it was my favorite and
Hope that many listners share this...
How can i forget The Teddy Afro and
Ababa Tesfaye's interview at the early days of Sheger FM...
Love You
Mesti and Berhanu Digaffe
haile  - lige   |2010-08-09 02:25:18
I will always lestten sheger espeshaly ye chawata engida, tizita ze
arada, terek…. I have a great appreciate to meaza do you know how
much she was dedcated to her job. Meaza if you are willing i want to
lessten your enterview by some other person if available to do like you.
What i am surperised by you the way you tray to find information about
the person befor, the way you treat your gust like a friend and fill
free…i  expect your interview bravo meaza
Addisu  - M   |2010-08-13 03:07:15
Hi Shegeroch

Me also have a greet appreciation for meaza bravo meaza keep it
and I also want your interview Love you sheger be strong

Axumawit  - miss   |2010-08-21 06:57:08
Hi friend did you listen betegna if plz listen you love if you have also listen
habesha Addis also

love you shegeroch
bestrong shegeroch
YELAK ADALE  - i love u shegar   |2010-08-06 20:59:00
hi shegar you guys amazing
every Saturday i heard your program
and its
pleas don't Chang it
taye fekadu  - greeting   |2010-07-31 07:58:08
hallo schgeroch endet nachhu selamta kegemany yedresachhu programachhun
beinternet adamtalehu bertu bicahl live besema betam tiru new.asfelagi kehone
lemetebaber zegju nene bertu bertu,
Biniyam   |2010-08-07 04:26:54
Sheger Fikere Nachuu!
yohanis  - well done sheger   |2011-11-10 01:41:56
Hey guys i really like the way sheger
presents it's message through a variety

and attractive ways.specially, sports info,the current controvesial issues in
the city and the country & entertainnments.Keep it up!i am curious to see sheger
expands it's capacity of reaching the world.Because we are dispersed to all over
the world.I wish if you could include some evangelical churches Gospel songs
which cary way far
better messages and artistic talents than secular music.Most
of them are copies and modified from one another if not some like teddy
affro.Thanks sheger!from marryland usa
fikresilasie samuel  - comment   |2010-07-28 02:14:46
it is an interesting drama that i am listening from the initiate
invention of new things for the benefit of others and collaboration for common
development between our society.......please kept up
All actors should be
appreciated...including the author Meaza.
thank u
mogiupps2008  - student   |2010-07-23 03:36:45
Hello gentlmen and women,

Thank you for your effort to listen to the interests
of your audience and come up with a sound program. But I am affraid how much you
know that there is a problem to listen to your program through internet. I some
times thought the quality of your transmission is poor. Can you do something

Thank you again
enat  - Hey yetaem leketoch   |2010-07-29 20:00:33
Yetaem leketoch pls post some of your work on site so that we can move together
and know what is going on recently on yetaem leket.

Tnx, and God bless.
tt  - missing parts of alga balga   |2010-07-19 07:46:25
i am very proud of your unreserved efforts. this week, i was attending alga
balga up to part 18, but the remaining parts are not available. i would be
delighted if you could upload them for me and everyone else.
Yulian  - Great Work   |2010-07-08 13:23:46
I love what you are doing here, this is a great website. I love all the shows
and music but please add more music if possible.
enat  - letaem leket   |2010-07-18 21:17:07
Hey guys i have been watching "yetaem leket" and i was so proud of you
"sertse and tewoderos"guys. the insight on those three posted music were
so great and inspiring.the critic were really eyeopening,you brought us out of
the jungle which we never thought of us being in z on i think we are
going to approach z music we listen to in a different know in some
educated and thoughtful way.

Good job.
Abel   |2010-07-06 05:40:51
Sirak Dagnew  - Hi   |2010-07-05 03:14:45
I like your program since its commencement and I highly appreciate the way how
you present.
All in all, I can say 'ye menfes erkata yemigegnibet "

and please keep on it
Tigist Bekele Yilam  - please consider !!!!   |2010-06-25 06:47:57
Hi Shegeroch

In short we are glade we have u, The Sheger Team!
Your radio
is wonderful and unique. U r unique in ur
Program allocations, theme
selections, language use
and presentation. U have some serious discussions
that contributes 
the build up of the society.

Our (Me and
my friends) only comment for now is about Taddias Addis.
The language
have been used by Fantahun and his collogues are not
appropriate for
media. Especially Fantahun’s language is more of informal,
and full
of English words. We found his presentation (not the program)
for people older than 16 years.

It is just a paradox
to have a program like ‘taddias addis’ in Sheger FM which works hard to
re establishes our good values and national unity. Your language is
very formal preferably use Amharic origin language. Listen what Fantahun
anteneh  - great job   |2010-06-21 05:34:05
look shegers i cant thank u enough for making me feel as if i am
i am an a half ethiopian and half ere boy living in
i used to enjoy ethiopian radio dramas and old musics when i
was in
mekele 6 years ago and i am realy in love with them. one friend
in addis have told me that the precies media personals that
were on FM
97.1 are currently in sheger radio. and i am here forced to
write to
you asking for one thing. to help me find thes radio dramas
and short
stories online.
they were being brodcasted after 'kidame
chawata' then.
let me tell you some of them1.
1. paris (it was
about asoldier and
his sister)
2. abpout a university lecturer and
his studontes.....
friend has sent me some of them from addis live
radio. but i couldnt
finde them by my self.
whould plz help me?
not plz say no
I will
TEKOLA MEKONEN  - MR.   |2010-06-14 21:44:35
የሬዲዬ ጣቢያችሁን ለማዳመጥ እድል የገጠመኝ
ሲያትል የሚኖር የቅርብ ጔደኛዬ ሹክ ካለኝ በኋላ
ነበር። ጃርሶን እንዳነጋገራችሁት ስሰማ
የምሰራውን አቁሜ ማዳመጥ ጀመርኩ። የጃርሶ
ኪሩቤልን ቃለ ምልልስ አዳምጬ እጅጉን ወደድኩት።
የቆየም ትዝታ ቀሰቀሰብኝ። ጋሼ ጉልማን
በሚጽፈበት ወቅት ማታ ማታ የደረሰበትን በጋራ
እናነብ ነበርና መሞታቸውን ሳነብ ተናድጄ
ሞትባይኖር ለምን ገደልካቸው? ለምን ወደ ገጠር
ለትግል አላወጣሃቸውም? ብዬ ምርር ብዬ ስናገረው
በሰጠኝ የቅጽል ስም ጠራኝና ሞቱ ሞቱ አለና
ያስተዛዝነኝ ጀመር። ለነገሩ አሜሪካ መጥቶ
በነበረ ሰዓት እያነሳን ስቀንበታ...
jarso Motbaynor kirubel  - "yejewafat zaf tella ser"   |2013-05-14 02:10:39
የሬዲዬ ጣቢያችሁን ለማዳመጥ እድል የገጠመኝ
ሲያትል የሚኖር የቅርብ ጔደኛዬ ሹክ ካለኝ
በኋላ ነበር። ጃርሶን እንዳነጋገራችሁት
ስሰማ የምሰራውን አቁሜ ማዳመጥ ጀመርኩ።
የጃርሶ ኪሩቤልን ቃለ ምልልስ አዳምጬ
እጅጉን ወደድኩት። የቆየም
ትዝታ ቀሰቀሰብኝ። ጋሼ ጉልማን በሚጽፈበት
ወቅት ማታ ማታ የደረሰበትን በጋራ
እናነብ ነበርና መሞታቸውን ሳነብ ተናድጄ
ሞትባይኖር ለምን ገደልካቸው? ለምን ወደ
ገጠር ለትግል አላወጣሃቸውም? ብዬ ምርር
ብዬ ስናገረው በሰጠኝ የቅጽል ስም ጠራኝና ሞቱ
ሞቱ አ...
jarso Motbaynor kirubel  - jmk   |2013-05-14 02:13:48
"Merigeta" .ante sew!!!Please respond to this, and we will take it from
Lemma Yadecha  - Ing   |2010-06-14 14:29:35
Eventhough I am far away from home, thanks to Sheger FM, these days I a filling
as if I am at home in "Sheger". Thanks a lot for all your effort to let
this Happen!

Ethiopia Le Zelalem Tinur
Admache  - Great   |2010-06-14 13:30:16
This is by far the best Amharic radio program both inside and outside Ethiopia.
All the programs are tastefully done. What great progamming and content you guys
produce. It is great
Mulu  - Arife new   |2010-06-09 04:10:00
Shegeroche betam betam arif program new!!!

Sew Ketesemara endye ...
yemelewen zefen bakachu asemugen. Gen yeman zefen new ye Telelea

abel.t  - my favorite radio station of all   |2010-06-07 01:23:00
shegeroch endet nachu u know all the time i open my radio the channel is
always on fm 102.1 and my freinds always say "ende kezeh lela radio
tabeya atakem weye" and i always say yes!!!!!!!!.... u'r the best.
Yidnaekachew  - Thanks to Meaza   |2010-06-05 22:26:47
Meaza, really I am you heartful admirer of you. I am so wonder about your ablity
of interview.I always enjoyed your host of Yechewata Engida not only with the
interviwed Guy but also your ablity to ask him/his like as firend of the guy.
Relly you are one ethiopian Asset. Thanks Go ahead.
Yidnekachew N. Denver co.
Meraf  - yeazebot terek   |2010-06-05 12:14:49
Hi, i can not find yeazebot terek in your gallery. How can i search it?
Abem Amron  - hate ur news   |2010-05-31 12:59:58
Hi Guyz,

we love ur programe but u spent so much time with news, the newes
that it doesn't make any senses.
Pleases keep up thr rest,

Sufabeba  - Ms.   |2010-05-28 15:19:53
Hi Shegeroch,

I'm so glad to be able to listen to your radio whenever
possible. Because of the time difference I'm not able to listen live so I'm
asking if you can improve your archive library and upload your programs
cathagorized under program name or sorted by date for easy access for your loyal
listners sake!
I appreciate all your hard work, your programs witnesses how
much work you put into all programs...

good job, keep it up, we are proud!!
Tomas  - Shger is best   |2010-05-26 04:47:55
"selam lekulekemu sheger we Selomon G" I like for Internet program
spically news, "ethipiawe radio sheger" ETHIOPIA FOREVER....
Anonymous  - Letter of appreciation !   |2010-05-21 11:08:42
Really you are Ethiopian! I am pleased about the way you systematize the whole
thing more than ever you are contributing something exceptional in rejuvenating
the folklore of Ethiopians on the psyche of youths.
Keep it up.
God bless you!
fikresilasie samuel  - a more likely fm radio ...................   |2010-05-20 04:36:16
hello to u shegers ,i am really need to write my appreciation to the radio.all
program and way of presenting the programs are all attractive
....................kept up please....
million  - re: Betam.....Betam...Des Mel Shiger Radio St   |2010-05-18 05:37:51
specialty i love Abegasu shiota and Jazz music and i love for all Sheger
Sophi weyem ( DJ-S)  - Betam.....Betam...Des Mel Shiger Radio St   |2010-05-15 13:13:34
I appreciate everything what you all did this great job for all of us?
to have you guys hmmm online internet. It is really wow!
I hope we will keep on
getting your daily programs in timely
God blues all of you to have your shiger
radio program
I really appreciation the special goes Meaza, henok , Teferi and
Seyfu !!!
Cher Yegtemen Melkam ken !
gezahegn  - 10q   |2010-05-13 13:01:04
hi sheger endet nachuh be programachu betam destegna negn ene yalehut ke hager
wich new ena hule sisemachuh hegere yalehu ymeslegnal pls bezihu ketilu
dawit fesiha  - thank you sheger   |2010-05-13 07:51:30
thank you sheger for all bezehu gefubet
yelekal  - sport   |2010-05-06 01:52:54
yesport zena tiru takerbalachew gen arbmishet yemikerbew lay
yewichi zena akatubet.
andualem   |2010-05-01 23:54:14
hi sheger,how r u? i miss ye jazz chewata...leza also
ANDUALEM SHIFERAW  - hi   |2010-04-30 11:24:05
hi shegeroche how are u doing you what a radio which stand for ethiopian unity realy ethiopiyawinten ke
kedemo edewede ya deregengi radio ............hey i dont knoe what to
say GOD BLLES YOU i love sherge i love ethipia ,i love all ethiopians
nation nationality and i have i respect for all of them ...........i
short ethiopian unity sheger ye hulachenem sheger ye ethiopia GOD
hana tsegaye  - suggustion   |2010-04-29 01:14:34
hi shegeroch how are you? you are the most beloved radio station I love all your
programs very much meazi betam new Yemadenkesh and Yemewedish your co-workers
and journalist are very talented keep it up on it finally I have one question
Yekedame chewata lay mekoya program bidegem betam des yelegnal ETHIOPIA
LEZELALEM TENUR I like that it is powerful Thank you.
Mahlet  - thanks   |2010-04-28 06:15:42
first of all i want to say thank you for all what you have done to the audience
please do more!!!!
sisay demelash  - Hellow sheger   |2010-04-27 05:11:21
I am your regular Listener .I like your dram very much.Now aday i can listen
from your web site. pls keep up.
mahlet   |2010-04-26 15:12:08
min yahel wedegnanetachen endagenagnachuhun andeye bicha new
yemiawkew.....sheeeeee sheger yefeter!!!
selam  - appreciation   |2010-04-23 02:02:19
The first real radio station in our country. Our radio.
Naod Mekonnen  - Mr.   |2010-04-19 05:51:07
Sheger is every thing, except egir quasn beredio
tesfu  - long live,sheger   |2010-04-19 02:33:30
Live forever.
And thanks for what you did and what you are doing.
tigereda  - hey gyes tege from in lonodon   |2010-04-16 05:47:57
hey gyes its realy hard to leasten this radio is there any chance you tell me
how can i leasten guyes you tommorow is satarday is abig day i`m off so how cani
miss this dayplease help me tha
helen  - Hello   |2010-04-12 09:47:31
I love your programmes. But the live transmition is very difficult to
Keep the good work.
Best wishes,
Helen from Italy.
tigist  - thanl you   |2010-04-10 15:57:16
dear sheger you did great job online program thank you
kirubel   |2010-04-09 03:34:52
hi sheger
how are u? this radio is my best favourite,it reminds me those days
while i was teenage,this time i am at the begining 40's when i was a teenage i
was used to lisen ethiopian radio in that days bse of the producers like Meaza
Birru,Taddesse muluneh,negussei aklilu,etc.I am just live in addis,kotobe area,
but there is some problem while hearing my best favourite radio,the programme
doesnot clearly heard,would u pls make any adjustment,
with my best regard,
eshex  - hi sheger   |2010-04-08 21:11:50
10Q much 4 everything you are doing.i like all z programs. meazi i really
appreciate u...don't forget to post dramas..can u post oromayi tireka please?

keep it up..urs from china
Ben Siyum  - Great Job   |2010-04-08 12:09:54
I'm pretty much addicted to your station. The quality of your guests and the
professionalism of your journalism is very impressive. Sheger is where I learn
culture, history and many important ethiocentric facts. Keep up the good work
and can't wait to hear your weekend edition.

daniel melaku  - hello sheger   |2010-04-08 07:55:33
how ru sheger im very excited abt u continue by zis with out propoganda bye
Anonymous   |2010-04-08 03:51:30
listen, you are the only people that know how radio is suppose to be. i slut
you .... tefere & maeza you doing great i tell you....i hope we see you on
shegertv...ETV is killing us
amde tilahun  - you good   |2010-04-07 16:30:33
ilike yechewatta engeda it gives me a pleasure and an insight about the
best personalities we got. i wish you give them more time to talk than the
playmaker take the line share and pose yes or no questions .on this regared i
enjoyed ababa tesfaye he took the lead. please don't use a leading question like
you been here and you did this and that
yitayal abebaw  - wallcot will outshine   |2010-04-06 08:54:54
sheger is a true radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ferhiwet musetefa  - hiiiiiiiiiiiii   |2010-04-03 11:30:17
hi hi selam lemelaw beteseb
enkuane aderesceheu eyalekeuey
melkam yafeseika
bele eyalece ferehiewet
Getaneh   |2010-04-03 08:58:41
great media and realy Ethiopian Patriots[/b]!![/b] who are trying to
protect and maintaind the Old Ethiopia. I think that is the
competative advantage of Sheger FM, .

Please Goahead

God Bless U
tewodros  - minew   |2010-04-02 22:10:07
hi i really love you all but what happen this week i can't hear you live please
fix it if there is something happen.
Web Admin   |2010-04-03 02:41:14
sorry for the inconvenience it's been due to internet connection failure
transmission is now continued...Keep tuned
hani  - algabalga drama   |2010-04-20 11:33:21
Brabo shegeroch adnakeyacho negn
algabalga drama part7 menew glery lay

askerachhut ebakachu lakut
Solomon   |2010-04-01 11:20:16
Hello Sheger !!

Well done !! Keep up the good job!!
Solomon   |2010-04-01 11:16:44
Hello Sheger !!

Keep up the good work!!
nadew  - program failer   |2010-03-31 22:17:09
hi shegeroch programachhun letewosenu kenatoch betiru yisema neber ahun gin
programun load lemadreg aschegari selehonebin betam techegirenal selehonem
betechalachu fitnet yemistekakelibetin menged endtifelegu senil betihetena
Amanuel R.  - Great work   |2010-03-30 13:45:27
Ene yemelew...Meaza and Balcha...question...where did you find all the wonderful
people on Sheger?....great minds like Eshete, Nebyou, Sertse, and Mahder and
the others on the show and behind the brought radio revolution on
the air...cant wait for ShegerTV station day...aykerim...
Alexander Mesafint  - Nice To Hearing You Sheger   |2010-03-29 09:05:35
:am living in city of paris almost am a client of your radio on line and on my
handy i phone over months i like to say something for your wonderfull srvice pls
go head like this §§§§§§ God bless You all Sheger Fm We love You and We
missing You all the Time Bye
Alexander corbiel esssonnes paris
Eyoel  - Unblievable !   |2010-03-26 15:58:34
Hi Sheger FM team members,
I am so happy to have you through online. I was one
of the adicted listeners of your station. Now i'm living in Dallas Tx, USA.
Because you released the programe on the internet, i am able to listen what i
missed a lot since i left my country. Thank you so much for the chance you gave
Yechewata engida, Tizita ze arada, Yegitim weg......thanks a
SA  - AT   |2010-03-27 08:16:29
Hi eyoel,
are the one eyoel that we know as friend of Mesfin, Shiferaw?
adam   |2010-03-25 05:51:12
i love your news it have different style than other stations.continue like this
dawit semunigus  - Yehodam Telat   |2010-03-24 10:01:46
Hey Guys! I am surprised you token ethiopianism bla ! bal! do u think you can
clear your guilt conscious by token our history day in day out ?

why do not
you speak for the ppl instead of singing over his dead body.... how long do you
think you can live? eat...?

As a journalist you should have been with and
for the ppl! How come Teferi alemu "the well know artist became
"Yeweyane Agases." I am telling you! that your days are counting and
our redemption too...HODAMOCH
get   |2010-09-22 11:07:05
Dear Dawit,

Though you have your own right to express your views, insulting
people is unethical and unEthiopian. Don't forget apart from insulting everyone
has a right to speak what he thinks. Pls let's be humble when we go online. I
apologise if my words donot make sense to you.
sador fissha  - i always love to open your radio on line   |2010-03-23 02:19:22

look shegers i cant thank u enough for making me feel as if i am in
i am an a half ethiopian and half ere boy living in asmara.
i used to enjoy ethiopian radio dramas and old musics when i was in
mekele 6 years ago and i am realy in love with them. one friend living
in addis have told me that the precies media personals that were on FM
97.1 are currently in sheger radio. and i am here forced to write to
you asking for one thing. to help me find thes radio dramas and short
stories online.
they were being brodcasted after 'kidame chawata' then.
let me tell you some of them1.
1. paris (it was about asoldier and
his sister)
2. abpout a university lecturer and his studontes.....
friend has sent me some of them from addis live radio. but i couldnt
finde them by my self.
whould plz help me?
do not plz say no
I will
always be ...
Yohannes  - I miss You Sheger   |2010-03-22 00:15:44
I'm glad that after long time I'm again resume to listen one of the best
leading FM Sheger.....
When I was Ager bet it was my favorite and
Hope that many listners share this...
How can i forget The Teddy Afro and
Ababa Tesfaye's interview at the early days of Sheger FM...
Love You
Mesti and Berhanu Digaffe
Dawit A.  - download   |2010-03-12 23:57:41
i am out of Addis in which i can't get ur like program by radio, so i am using
internet broad cast but since our connection is slow most of the time i can
listen directly so please is there any option to down load ur programs.
Akalu  - I love the show   |2010-03-20 18:55:50
Hi guys you are rocking the world because it is rely a good show i enJoy it a
lot especially this week i have time to listen Sheger FM because of spring
brake any way we will be in touch soon.
Aklalu from Dallas
abay getaneh   |2010-03-10 00:26:25
betam new yemewedachew bertu as it is

why messele mengitstu sent to fana fm
please write
thank you
ethiopia lezelalem tinure
miky  - Zeritus Live Program   |2010-03-03 00:00:54
Please Post On Your Website Or Send Me The Copy Of The Live Leza Program With
Zeritu Kebede.I Didn't Listen Coz I Am In Class Doing My Project.I Try To Listen
With Internet But It Have A Streaming Problem In Advance My Connection Is Slow.
I Am A big Big Fun Of Zeritu(For My Evidence You Can See My Face Book Gallery At
Least 50% Of My Pics Is Zeritus And My Current Prof Pic Also her)So I Will Be
Appreciate If You Do Me A Favor.
Miky Maraki(Facebook Name)
Enkosenpair Yakob  - I am so exited about Sheger 102.1!!!   |2010-03-02 23:18:21
HELLOW Shegeroch,,,,how are you all?
I have got the website before yesterday
from my brother who lives in Addis,,,by email. I am so happy, I am so glad. I am
just listening Sheger on my way when I came back to work,,,,,,,here is mid
GOD blessed you AND keep you safe,,

betty  - hi yagerlijoch   |2010-03-02 03:14:36
hi habeshoch endet nachihu mag this is amazing
Ephrem Zerga  - Not to keep silent!!!   |2010-03-01 05:20:54
i am writing this comment to those who are hosts to different programs like
Meaza,Nebiue and Andualem. where you were befor the opening of this FM? realy
god Blesse you and your work and continue with of your pace!! But please take
care on a given words which you use in your news like"Engliz l Ethiopia
megeb gejibetbela ...birr setechat
zelalem addis  - bertu   |2010-02-26 03:31:52
really interesting radio. especially those programms u present about ethiopia,
ethiopianism and for the success of ethiopia are all attractive,and audience
oriented. just continue
Ephro   |2010-02-22 04:55:56
wow ur team is good this internet radio is my long time quetion of my mind but
know the qution is anshered by shegerfm 102.
Heist Z best  - hey what about??   |2010-02-22 03:02:53
I really like z program 'Tariken Yehualit' and I have asked my friends,
collegues and other people; which everybody said they love the program so why
don't u post it on your website. Also allow Playback to the programs its a
matter of two line code.

meron  - sheger is Shega   |2010-02-18 10:35:33
wow ke hagere yewotahugne alimeselegem b/c sheger hulle esemalehugne manin
endemadenk alawikem hullcum smart nachu Merry FR.Norway
yodit  - smart   |2010-02-16 16:51:16
Hi shegeroch how do you do?Yous are smart all programs are very interesting
thankyou very much specielly "talakitaua Ethiopa" and "chewata"
"yesheger worewoche"

God bless Ethiopia
Ethiopia lezelalem tinur
yodit  - sheger smart   |2010-02-16 16:16:55
Hi shegers how are you? your programs are no question no suggestion all programs
are smart specially tuesday morning "talikitua Ethiopia" and
"yesheger worewoche"

God bless Ethiopia

Ethiopia lezelalem tinur
meron  - sheger shelf   |2010-02-13 12:17:33
i have no word sheger shelf is nice nice nice program. Shegern sheger yaderegew
sheger shelf new.  - Keep it up!!!   |2010-02-06 12:04:42
Sheger FM 102.1 is just opened a new chapter in Ethiopian media.So please keep
it up!!!
Samson  - Some where Computer Profession   |2010-02-05 05:45:39
I am really blessed by your services specially saturday afternoon "Yechewata
Engda"...ohh I love the Host Meaza Biru..
You become a bridge for the past
generation and the recent generation...

Remain Blessed!!!!!!!
Aynalem  - Adnakot   |2010-01-31 00:29:02
Ho Shegeroch,

I thought I will miss you whel I left Addis, Thanks a lot that
I am still listening you in Mekelle. This is great and I realy LOVE YOU!!! I
mean it.

You are always different!!!
seyoum  - sy   |2010-01-20 07:30:37
[i][ /i]
dagnachew  - nebs eko nachihu   |2010-01-17 05:49:37
ket  - glad you broadcast online   |2010-01-14 09:27:05
hi there!,
am glad to hear you online...i remember to listen to you
when i was the programs because it reminds me of a wonderful
memeories of my country.keep up the great job.why you not stream online live?
love to hear from you.
Naod Mekonnen  - Mr.   |2010-01-12 23:02:17
All programs are interesting, but you are restricting your broadcast only to the
centarn state city. Please exert your effort to cover the entire country.
enat  - hi   |2009-12-29 01:20:40
hi,this is enat from usa and i wanna say please include music and other things
that are found in the radio.thanks i love u
asdasda  - sdasdasd   |2009-12-25 23:30:21
Believe in the arena of the people, are already familiar with resilience wow gold, especially the importance of early battles for those who must become the
focus of the enemy target, such as fire (many teams choice
warlock), the fire mage, etc. (of course, pastor DLY also have very
cow X team choose a warrior) began to anyone
According to the general
view, the Internet is professional toughness is more than 150 points
to have better survival ability, if two points above is the ideal.
What is
the resilience:
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Official: in
your level 70 time, each 39.4 toughness give you 1% reduction was crit
chance, to give you a 2% reduction by damage after a critical strike.
Azmeraw Abate  - Apperciation   |2009-12-25 00:10:13
Wow!your station is really the best of bests,i am always eager to follow your
programms.please continue by this.i am from 6killo campus.
Azmeraw Abate  - apperciation   |2009-12-24 23:56:14
WOW! Your station is really the best of bests i am always eager to follow your
programm.pleaase continue by this. i am Azmeraw Abate from 6killo campus.
yoseph mekonnen  - ere behig   |2009-12-19 11:55:50
why dont you include "ere behig" in your web.

thank you
Elias Endale  - no   |2009-12-19 01:38:03
i try so many times to see your page detale but i can't. even it takes so many
timesa to open. if you can make it easy. by the way i like what you do. keep it
Tewodros Alemu  - how to down load   |2009-12-18 06:23:50
Hi sheger

I would like dounload your programs and listen but i cant ,can you
show me the way how to get your records from the internet.

Tewodros Alemu
Yosef Wakwoya Fufa  - Pharmacist   |2009-12-18 00:05:45
I am an employee of Management Sciences’ Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems
(MSH/SPS), an NGO working on anti HIV/AIDS Drugs (ARVs more technically),
currently serving more than 160,000 citizens with no interruption.
I do not
know where to begin; words are not enough to describe how much my heart is
beating when I think of the love I have for SHEGER FM102.3. With no sense of
exaggeration, Sheger FM102.3 is media of my dream. This is to say that the
programs hosted by you are so much attractive, entertaining, unbiased and very
professional. The most I do not want to miss among your programs are SHEGER NEWS
Together we can make our country where her children
work hard and let her stand with stamina, confidence and voice among the
developed nations. A time will come where children of Ethiopia truly love each
other not only by the count of their blood ties but also by the amount of
positive con...
binyam shemlies  - HI   |2009-12-13 08:20:44
HI SHEGER YOU are so sweet rado that you have.pleas say all the staf long live
ethiopia you have etiopian senes I L LOVE ALL OF YOUR MEMBER.
ABEBAYEHU TEFERI  - ERE GOBEZ   |2009-12-10 09:37:12


netsanet  - thanks   |2009-11-30 16:33:52
Thanks guys its really good for us(the people live in out of Ethiopia).and is
there any access to share our pomes on this website.
Judedin  - Appreciation   |2009-11-24 01:03:46
Dear shegeroch

Your creativity of presenting programs is attractive.
Especially, your news presentation style is fantastic.
In your last Eid-alfetir
programs, You showed us your respect for all Ethiopian cultures and religions.
Keep it up. We expect in the coming Eids the same.
Together we can develope our
home Ethiopia. Thank you
ABERA  - COMMENT ON COLLEGE TIME   |2009-11-16 19:37:27

redi   |2009-11-16 04:45:06
i am sure sheger will be the best radio ethiopia have and will have coz it
talks about ethiopianisim and for us who knows nothing and for us who forgot
our origin this is the best radio . and hope u will contiue in such a way. note
that seiyfu fanatahun is changing our radio image to bad
mamo  - keep it up on!!!!!   |2009-11-13 08:58:26
i am viewing your website home page .
it is very attractive ,nice,good
i have no
words to appreciate your work.
have a lovely day!!!!
yours website visitor,mamo
amanu ketsela  - admiration   |2009-11-10 08:07:45
your station is the best one than everyone of each station.LONG LIFEE AND
Romha  - Thanks Sheger   |2009-11-03 17:44:03
I am happy by the website of Sheger Radio. Thanks Sheger FM 102.1
Bertad  - you are all so great   |2009-11-03 07:26:07
Hi Shegeroch!
You are really lovable.I can't help my self of appreciating you
much and listening to you every single day.
My internal mind forces me to keep
my radio locked on Sheger.Coz you do have informing, entertaining,...
Sheger yene now1
May God bless you!!!
tadele fikre  - that is so good and good   |2009-09-28 05:42:20
this is rely good i never seen like this before stay bless!!!!
Dawit   |2009-09-17 08:45:36
Hi, this is Dawit from USA, dears i have been here almost for six months and i
found your program very interesting but you don't have recent music , please
post some recent musics and recent news.
Yetmwork Mekonnen   |2009-09-16 02:51:20
እንዴት እንደምወዳችሁ ታውቃላችሁ :
Tigi  - Just HI   |2009-09-09 02:56:22
Hi sheger Happy new year.
Esky  - Thank u   |2009-09-04 06:36:16
I just finished listening to Sh Al moudi's interview....god bless him and egzer
yetebekelin and seifu did a good job
kalkidan ferede  - ye atebot terek   |2009-09-02 03:36:20
first of all i would like to thank you all, for your effort to
promote Ethiopia and to provide useful information for the society!

i can't
find "ye azebot terek" on your website, the program i love most! i can't
hear all the programs and i please want to remind you to put the azebot terek on
your gallery. thank you!!
Bekri  - It sounds good   |2009-08-31 06:36:54
I really liked the page, its ammazing... all that I can say is ...
samuel  - about flag   |2009-08-28 07:35:24
what`s that blue star gut to do in ethiopian flag? ,,,sorry you can put it in
other ways I know we ethiopians live
under a most evil dictatorship ,,,any way
god help us ,,,as i told you earliy
i feel the exsistance of ethiopia when i
listen to our radio,,,you always said /yenantew radio/
one of your listener
from,,, far,,far east :
sole samuel  - about programme   |2009-08-26 08:38:10
sheger radio was one of my favourite programme while i was in my country and i
missed it for years since then.but now i heard teferi interviw on voa that you
start launch in the inter net ,,,,,
wow its very intersting to hear you voice
after all this year specialy ,,,,
meaza and teferi what a combination!you are
the one to remind me their is a country called ethiopia ohh god help you every
thing that you did,,,amen
yetmante zewdie  - Ato   |2009-08-24 09:32:03

Hi All,

Great to have you guys on the internet.It is really wow!
I hope we will keep on getting your daily programs in timly manner on
the internet.

Good job! My great appreciation to all of you guys in
general! the special one goes to Teferi Alemu and Seifa!

Awol Assefa  - I love our Radio(sheger)   |2009-08-20 02:50:53
[color=gray]I have a great respect for of all the journalist working at sheger
radio, but special is to Meaza Biru, wow!!! please keep in touch!

now i am
using our web site and i can hear again, like ye chewata engda ,tizita ze adara
and so on from the archives.

i can simply say "yetnebershi


Awol Assefa,
Addis Ababa
buruk zemelak  - it realy impressed me wow!!!   |2009-08-19 06:17:51
Wow i heared the web address on air at this morning it is a very nice web
site as an it student please don't be like other Ethiopian
radio stations nevernever sheger.
Tizita  - kelbu Sheger!!!!   |2009-08-09 08:59:33
This is the best radio show ever, u guys rock!!!!
Henock  - Ato   |2009-08-03 23:47:12
I will always love Sheger. Bravo Meaza
thurry  - h   |2010-04-05 07:02:10
Nebiyat Behailu  - Hi Sheger   |2009-07-30 08:07:59
How are you? I appreciate everything you did? Continue.
Good luck!!!
YETIMWORK  - comment   |2010-08-27 09:02:48
weldesemayat  - Comment   |2010-09-02 06:15:36
hi sheger, how are u? I like you radio program to much. it is interesting and it
remind us where we are what we are and so pls keep it up!
however, I have
one comment about morning sport program after sheger werre bcs it is to much
short and did not address all sport news.pls think about it.

Beterfe everything
is ok!
sam  - appreciate you   |2011-12-13 11:42:37
i am listening your radio programs since 1993 when you was 97.1 till now sheger
102.1 but i never satisfied like ato behailu's interview yechewata engida. i
really appreciate you are keeping our culture safe .thanks
Hilot Melese  - student   |2012-04-02 12:33:24
I wanna hear in your radio station artist Kem's latest music( Can you feel it)
to my love F.M from Gonder.
Chilot Melese  - re: appreciate you   |2012-04-02 12:34:48
sam wrote:
i am listening your radio programs since 1993 when you was 97.1 till now
sheger 102.1 but i never satisfied like ato behailu's
interview yechewata engida. i really appreciate you are
keeping our culture safe .thanks
temesgen   |2012-11-30 05:55:15
sheger malete keyetgochume radio tabiya yeteshale radio tabia newe. meaza beru
demo ejege betame yemakbershena yemadenkeshe gazytega neshe. endanchi yale
gazytega ethipia weste yeleme linorme aychlime.